Pil-lang apps & software

Software and Applications



  • As a target language for compilers (particularly domain-specific language compilers) to abstract from specific application platforms.
  • As an implementation language for libraries/apps that need to be run on multiple platforms. This works best for applications which are relatively independent using specific frameworks.

Compiler use: Traditionally, app compilers generate code for a particular platform, e.g. Java, Python or C#. In order to create software for numerous platforms, compiler back-ends have to be maintained. What app programming allows the coder to do is generate code in one language, the compiler will then translate the generated code to any of its supported platforms, simplifying the maintenance of multiple compiler back-ends.



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Implementation language use Since apps use a general syntax, based on a subset of Java, C and other languages, it becomes simple to learn. Because code written for apps use multiple platforms, the data can be compiled for a number of software platforms.  This language is also a great to develop portable libraries and general applications.

Under Development

    • Objective-C

    Planned back-ends:

    • C#
    • Javascript
    • QuakeC

Code Generation

Compile and run:

    $ apps-java hello.aps
    Now compiling: hello.aps
    [ app| info ] Done with hello.pil
    Hello world!
    $ app-python hello.aps
    Now compiling: hello.aps
    Done with hello.aps